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Subtle Anchor Text

Users mainly focus and read the main body of a page, which make in-body links the best internal links for SEO. (See patent of Reasonable Surfing Model where Google treats all page links as not equal.)

This is where you add more links, and with the right anchor (link) text, meaning the primary keywords of your target pages.

Link-rich articles distract users. Keyword-rich anchor text makes them suspicious. Both ruin the flow of reading.

Best wireless headphones. Best earbuds. Best this. Best that…

Okay, he’s just writing for SEO; should I trust this ‘blogger’?

SEO matters. SEO mindfulness helps. The best SEO is when SEO hides in plain sight right in front of you — the user (browsers), Google’s search quality raters, and Google’s search algorithms. No deception.

How to Create Natural, but Powerful, Links

High Volume

  1. Link to every topically relevant article you want people to see.
  2. Use logical and dynamic “Related Posts” widgets to auto-generate links
  3. Use galleries, carousels, accordions, etc to link to more variety of pages. Articles should link to articles, landing pages, product pages, customer service, and more, if useful.
  4. Add images and videos, link them to target pages.

Giving users more easy options to browse is good, as long as it doesn’t look overwhelming.

High Value

  1. Add parenthetical link(s) after clean sentence.

    Writers: If you’re going to fly to India, get good earbuds.

    SEOs: If you’re going to fly to India, get best earbuds of 2024, best wireless headphones of 2024, or best Bose headphones of 2024.

    Professionals: If you’re going to fly to India, good earbuds. (Links to guides: best earbuds, best wireless headphones, best Bose Headphones)
  2. Descriptive image title, alt, and caption text.
  3. Single word anchors for head (short-tail) keywords.

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