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Small, medium, and stupid questions

This site serves to challenge you via the art of asking the right questions. To ask the big questions, or more importantly the right question in time, you first have to develop the bricklaying habit of asking the small, medium, and stupidly simple questions on the job. In your interviews. In your meetings.

80% of the enterprise SEO and UX jobs involve knowing which questions to ask your team, your bosses, your peers, AND knowing which questions others are looking for you to answer. We need to always be sharpening this skill and habit with deep practice, with deep listening, and with deep curiosity.

The problem is that it’s hard to be so permanently mindful, especially in the earlier stages of your career. In fact, the best time to start laying the bricks of this skill is in your 20’s. It’s the perfect decade to ask a lot of questions, as bad as they might be. With time and practice, you become a natural at the artform.