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Hourly Rate for Enterprise eCommerce Consulting

Are you deciding between hiring an agency or a consultant to help support your digital experience program?

The best benefit of hiring a solo practitioner like me is this: your money goes to just one person, who constantly learns and knows your account, your website, your digital teams, and your business needs inside out.

You’re not paying a group of people, like with the agency model. A good agency charges you $200-300/hr with annual commitments. Every dollar spent gets divvied up like pizza between the account teams and the agency execs.

No offense, there are many good agencies out there, and large companies that need their help. If you need an army of marketers, creators, managers to support your specific needs, it’s a no-brainer to hire a powerhouse like Merkle.

However, if you just need someone to guide your internal teams, or to persuade execs to fund your organic search program with a CapEx budget, to develop and execute your technical roadmaps, or to coach your development team through a complex site migration, then hire that one person who can climb up and down the company ladder. The person who can get in the weeds with your production workers and strategize broadly with your senior leaders. This is how I’ve approached building teams for enterprise companies on the inside, and also how I’ve consulted companies from the outside, for 10 years now. Doing advanced UX+SEO things with enterprise teams is my favorite part of the job.

If you want to hire me to help with your SEO program, my rate is $190 per hour (subject to change).